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  • 38

    out of 100

    USA Today Claudia Puig

    Wastes a moderately intriguing premise by filling it with laughably clichéd dialogue, one-dimensional characters and implausible turns of events.

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  • 58

    out of 100

    Entertainment Weekly Owen Gleiberman

    Every so often, Keanu Reeves' robo-voiced blankness serves him well, but when he has to play a pulpy, tormented demon-saint, scraping up insults and spitting them out like bullets, he's like the host of an infomercial doing an impersonation of a badass.

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  • 63

    out of 100

    ReelViews James Berardinelli

    Despite the predictability of the overall story arc, there's suspense and tension to be found between the credit sequences, but the movie is saddled with an ending that is both improbable and borderline insulting.

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  • 80

    out of 100

    The Hollywood Reporter Kirk Honeycutt

    "Kings" covers familiar territory but does so with ruthless efficiency, intense performances and a densely packed plot designed to highlight the moral issues that most concern Ayer and Ellroy.

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For Families provided by Common Sense Media

Iffy for 16+

Grim, brutal bad-cop drama isn't meant for kids.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that this grim Keanu Reeves crime drama isn't for kids. The story (about corrupt cops) is brutal, the action is aggressive and bloody (leaving some characters with lacerations and bandages and others graphically dead), and the "moral" is familiar and subjective. Weapons include guns, knives, and cars; characters drink, smoke, and do drugs. There's some brief heavy breathing and kissing, as well as references to prostitution and rape (concerning young kidnapped girls). Language is incessant, with the favorite term being the standard cop-movie expletive, "f--k."

  • Families can talk about why revenge is such a popular/common plot device. What do characters typically hope to gain through revenge? Do they? Also, why do you think so many cop movies focus on police corruption? What elements tend to play into cops going "bad"? Do you think that's realistic?

The good stuff
  • message true0

    Messages: Corrupt cops, cruel criminals, and frustrated women (all of whom are girlfriends and wives, not cops or criminals). Some iffy racial undertones.

What to watch for
  • violence false5

    Violence: A man is killed while seated on the toilet (no explicit imagery except a bloody chest wound). The hero shoots multiple suspects in avenging sort of fury. A primary character escapes captors by crashing a car (loud, long screeching). Fights result in bloody, gashed faces. A primary character is shot and dies with bloody mouth and gurgling. Another primary character is shot point blank and dies. Rescued young girls were raped.

  • sex false3

    Sex: Rescued kidnapped girls had been caged and tied; some discussion that they've been raped and used for prostitution. Flirting and passionate kissing between Tom and Grace (she closes a hospital curtain so they can embrace). Sexual slang includes "p---y," "prick," and "blow job."

  • language false5

    Language: Incessant, tough-cop language, with very frequent uses of "f--k" (several with "mother-") and "s--t." Other profanity includes "hell," "damn," "ass" (several with "hole-"), and "bitch." Racist slang includes "dink," "short-eyed," and the "N" word.

  • consumerism false0

    Consumerism: Chips, sodas, and beer labels are glimpsed in a convenience store.

  • drugsalcoholtobacco false3

    Drinking, drugs and smoking: Cigarette smoking and drinking (beer, vodka, other liquor) by major and minor characters; marijuana use. Thematic focus on drug dealing, which involves several shots of piles of drugs (referred to as "dope"). References to Viagra and illegal drugs.