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… let's all think of it as a documentary.

Who's in It: Columbus Short, Meagan Good, Ne-Yo, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Chris Brown

The Basics: Let's say you're white, sheltered and have never seen School Daze. Then you probably don't know about "step" competitions. They're a type of dance competition that some African-American university students participate in. And according to this movie, it's a cutthroat world of brutal one-upmanship and chiropractor-employing moves that involve crashing to the floor — ribcage first — in a crumpled heap and then immediately rebounding from that death move by leaping up over people's heads, executing a triple-axle and landing on your nose. I think it's probably exactly how they say it is because I have no good reason to disbelieve them. So let's all think of it as a documentary.

What's the Deal? Even better, the movie starts with a murder. A murder that comes as the result of an underground street-dancing battle gone awry. That's how it goes down in the kill-or-be-killed world of … The Dance. You didn't know choreography could get this vicious, did you? You know you didn't. Those dance people are stone-cold gangsta. Off their own grandmas for missing a count.

Working is the No. 1 Goal of Most Actors: And for that reason, I am happy to see that Good is in this movie. If you didn't see Waist Deep or Brick, then you missed her being awesome in one bad movie from 2006 and one good movie from 2006. Here, she's playing The Girlfriend. So I hope the paycheck was nice.

Doing the Math: School Daze + You Got Served + Paris Is Burning + Revenge of the Nerds = this movie.

Dear Chris Brown Fans, Don't Bother: Your favorite hip-hop artist is in this. But remember that murder I just wrote about? The one that happens in the first 10 minutes? Well …


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