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Somersault Review

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… sexually and emotionally reckless …

Who's in It: Abbie Cornish, Sam Worthington

The Basics: This is the kind of movie Oprah and Dr. Robin would force a roomful of teenage girls to watch, just to make them cry. It's a keep-your-pants-on cautionary tale that's way better than it should be, thanks to the "complicated girl" performance by newcomer Cornish.

What's the Deal? When you're young, you do everything wrong. Some people do things so wrong — such as seducing their mother's boyfriend — that they run away and try to forget the past and simultaneously punish themselves for it. That's what happens to this movie's sexually and emotionally reckless 16-year-old heroine. It's almost as though she's Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, and you want to yell at her not to go into the dark house. But then she does.

One to Watch: Cornish, the talented Australian, is already aboard the Hollywood fast track. She's going to be in Candy with Heath Ledger and Ridley Scott's A Good Year with Russell Crowe. You just know she'll end up on a Vanity Fair cover soon and they'll be like, "The next Nicole Kidman!" Just wait.

Pedigree: It's the first feature from Australian writer and director Cate Shortland.

Cinematography Junkies, Take Note: If you're one of those people who like a movie to look great above all else, then check this one out. It's blue and icy, set in winter, naturally.


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