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Slither Review

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It gets good.

Who's in It: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, Gregg Henry

The Basics: This thing from outer space lands on Earth, unleashing mutant slugs that drill holes in people, turning them into hideous, mucous-covered monsters that feast on raw meat. Cover your mouth!

What's the Deal? As a friend of mine recently said, "Why should I bother with this? I've already seen Night of the Creeps a million times." And so, OK, yes, he has a point. But Night of the Creeps is 20 years old now. This one is still pretty awesome and totally gross. Much grosser than Night of the Creeps, and absolute nasty grossness really is the main reason to see this one. Meanwhile, it's funny in that Shaun of the Dead way. Just not as much.

Be Patient: Like a lot of horror movies, its big flaw is that it takes a long time for the mayhem to really kick in. There's way too much setup and boring "caring" stuff. Having said that, once they bring on the slugs, it gets crazy quickly and makes up for the first 25 minutes of waiting around. So wait for it. It gets good.

Air Supply Is the New Black: The ironic placement of cruddy old pop music in films is nothing new. And now its Air Supply's turn to cash in on its historical position as one of the lamest bands of all time. One of their songs is used in the terrible tween-horror movie Stay Alive. Now one of them is used here to much funnier effect.

The Call Is Coming From Inside Rob Zombie's House! That's him on the phone as Dr. Carl in one scene.

Cameo Alert for Horror Nerds: That's Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films fame as "Sad Drunk." And that's his movie Toxic Avenger playing on a TV in one scene.


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