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It's not as exploitive as Blood Diamond, but it gets close.

Who's in It: Connie Nielsen, Damian Lewis, Mido Hamada

The Basics: A bizarre Baghdad love triangle between a hot American journalist, an Iraqi cameraman and a CIA guy is how they think they're going to bring all you "date night" folks into this didactic, dull movie about the Iraq war. Yes, this takes the most urgent and explosive tragedy of the past several years and turns it into a preachy, boring slog through Nielsen's range of concerned facial expressions. It's not as exploitive as Blood Diamond, but it gets close.

What's the Deal? I will say it until I can't say it no more: Good intentions alone aren't enough. I go back to the Crash argument all the time. Just because we can all agree that racism or war or whatever is horrible and wrong and something needs to be done about it doesn't automatically make your graceless, artless movies that hammer the point into the ground worth watching.

How You Know You're Being Taught Valuable Lessons: When the government guys all sit around a table talking about the insane morass the Bush administration has plunged both the United States and Iraq into, and one of the guys says, "We need better intel!" — as a photo of a grinning Dubya sits on the wall above the character's head.

Better Iraq-Themed Movies You Could and Should Be Watching: All documentaries, of course, but here they are: Occupation: Dreamland, The Ground Truth, Iraq in Fragments and My Country, My Country.

Should Be a Double Feature With: Home of the Brave.


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