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… eye-opening and sadly relevant …

Who's in It: Narrated by Troy Garrity

The Basics: Thought hippies and burnouts and privileged college kids did all the protesting during the Vietnam War? Think again. This eye-opening and sadly relevant documentary details the efforts of enlisted men and women who became a part of the antiwar movement.

What's the Deal? You thought maybe you'd heard all the stories and seen all the movies about Vietnam there were to see? None of them (except Oliver Stone's Born on the Fourth of July) has ever mentioned the veterans' movement, much less what was going on inside the military at the time.

What Happened: Enlisted soldiers went AWOL, they refused to cooperate, they protested and resisted arrest for their disobedience, they were tried and imprisoned for as long as a decade and, in at least one case, execution was the punishment.

Like Mother, Like Son: Garrity (Soldier's Girl) is the son of antiwar activist Jane Fonda.

Chilling Director's Statement from the Press Notes: "In the decades that followed those vivid years, I and the thousands of veterans who had joined that movement watched as their reality was rewritten, distorted and ultimately buried under the myth of the loyal veterans returning home to an antiwar movement that spat on them and called them baby killers. The irony of that charge never fails to strike me, since whenever atrocities are exposed that are a direct outgrowth of U.S. government policy — from My Lai to Abu Ghraib — it is the government, not those opposed to these wars, that lays the blame on the soldiers who carried out their orders."


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