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… harsh, jolting, funny …

Who's in It: Anessa Ramsey, AJ Bowen, Justin Welborn, Scott Poythress

The Basics: A freak TV transmission turns everyone into zombie-like homicidal maniacs. Two young adulterous lovers try to survive the carnage and escape their suddenly chaotic town — called "Terminus" by the way — that's gone all bloodbath-insane. Indie all the way, it's harsh, jolting, funny and a strangely cool little calling card for its trio of writers/directors: David Bruckner, Jacob Gentry and Dan Bush.

What's the Deal? I know that the whole TV-turns-people-into-psychotic-zombies thing just made it sound like it could end up being a lame "message" horror movie, but it's really not. The only real skating-on-thin-ice element is that it does have a lot in common with the latest wave of hipster zombie comedy/end-of-the-world movies. But if it's true that horror reflects the anxiety of its era, then you should expect that ironic doom-themed gags mixed with decapitations are the way we live now. And it's nowhere near the last apocalypse-right-now one you'll be sold either. Be grateful, then, that this a good, fast, cheap gore-fest with way more brains than any of the Saw movies.

"The Last Girl" … That's what writer Carol J. Clover calls the standard-issue-horror-movie final-woman-standing in her really interesting book about feminism and gender in horror films called Men, Women and Chainsaws. And newcomer Anessa Ramsey gives what could have been a stock character more points of interest and real-life humanity than you're used to getting.

Great Double-Feature Companion Films: Given the number of spousal ax murderings going on here, it'd be most enjoyable with War of the Roses, Ingmar Bergman's Scenes From a Marriage and My Bloody Valentine.


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