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… the most important American film of 2007.

Who's in It: Michael Moore

The Basics: Most Americans have health insurance, and they think that means they're covered. But this documentary is here to ruin your day. When you finish watching it, you'll understand what a massive scam the insurance industry really is and how your future is in their hands. In other words, it's more terrifying than any horror movie — and the most important American film of 2007.

What's the Deal? Honestly, I'd never really given socialized medicine much thought. I knew Canada and England and France had it, and it seemed to be more or less working well for them. But I, like I guess everyone else in the U.S., was conditioned to believe that it's somehow an inferior system. Less choice, worse services, that "socialism" thing, etc. But that's not exactly the case. In fact, their systems work well enough that their populations' life expectancy is greater than ours, and their infant mortality rate is significantly lower. And it's all covered by their taxes. So now, I'm trying to decide where my next apartment should be: Vancouver, London or Paris.

Non-Partisan, Sort of: Unless you're so die-hard a conservative that you think everyone should fend for themselves in all ways, and you'd like to see the public school system dismantled and the fire department privatized, you'll be surprised by how non-Republican-bashing this movie is. Moore even goes after Hillary Clinton for giving up her campaign for universal health care and becoming buddies with the health industries' big players after they threw some money at her.

Most Sensationalistic Part: A sequence where Moore accompanies 9/11 volunteer rescue workers who can't get their insurance companies to deal with their needs on a trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where, it turns out, all the prisoners have free, immediate medical care when they need it. Turned away, they wind up in a regular civilian Cuban clinic. Moore can't resist theatricality. But if you've seen his other movies, then you know that already.

What You Can Do: Start demanding that presidential candidates in the 2008 elections address this issue. Ideas are conveniently located at www.michaelmoore.com.


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