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… thoroughly irrelevant.

Who's in It: Tim Allen, Kristin Davis, Zena Grey, Spencer Breslin

The Basics: Don't they really mean The Shaggy D.A.? Instead of a plot about a teen who needs to be brave, this one is about a lawyer who needs to change his life — the shagginess being an emotional catalyst for that change, of course. This means that they're not remaking the 1959 one with Tommy Kirk (the one with the same title) but the 1976 one with Dean Jones instead. Aren't you glad you have me here to lay this all out for you?

What's the Deal? This is a (sort of) passable remake: funny enough in an obvious way, but thoroughly irrelevant. If you want to see this movie, all you have to do is go rent one of the older ones. It's weird how Disney keeps remaking all its greatest hits. Why not create new classics instead of strip-mining the old ones?

Good News: You don't have to endure the sight of Tim Allen's eyes digitally inserted into the real dog's face like on the posters and print ads. That was freaking me out before I saw it, and I was relieved to see they left that to the marketing campaign.

Bad News: They do, in fact, play "Who Let the Dogs Out." Because you haven't heard that song enough in your life.

More Weirdness: A) The presence of Danny Glover and Robert Downey Jr., who both seem to be here for the paycheck, B) the totally inappropriate dog-pound/prison-sex joke that pops up out of nowhere ("That mastiff just sold me for three dog biscuits" is, I believe, how the line goes) and C) the ubiquity of Kellogg's products sprinkled throughout. Everywhere you look, there's a Pop Tart or a box of Special K.


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