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Sex Drive Review

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really funny… kind of dumb

Who’s In It: Josh Zuckerman, Amanda Crew, Clark Duke, Seth Green, James Marsden

The Basics: A virginal teenager decides to steal his brother’s vintage muscle-car and drive to a neighboring state for his first sexual experience with a girl he met on the internet. He and his two best friends who are just along for the ride (but one of whom he’s secretly in love with) run into murderous rednecks, some rule-breaking Amish farmers, an old man’s exposed testicles, men lurking in public restrooms, a slutty abstinence-rally dancing girl and Fall Out Boy along the way. In other words, the internet is a dangerous place, kids. If you dwell there for too long you’ll wind up listening to bands like Fall Out Boy.

What’s The Deal: It’s a raunchy teen sex comedy that rips off Superbad way too much. It’s barely character-based, choosing instead the “wacky situations” path of plot development. And in the first 10 minutes the main kid, in a donut costume, gets fake genitalia attached to his suit and then he wanders around a mall scaring children with it. And if the thought of all that sounds really funny and good… that’s because it is. You won’t respect yourself for buying a ticket, you’ll lie to your friends and say that yeah, you just were sitting around and then bam, suddenly you wound up in the theater and you don’t even remember how you got there. And you’ll play down how much you laughed because it’ll feel kind of dumb to admit that you did. But then you’ll watch it again later on cable so you can remember all the really hilarious parts.

Other Movies It Steals From: Sixteen Candles, The Last American Virgin, Porky’s, The Sure Thing, Losin’ It. It really has no choice but to steal from these movies because the template and the need for 2 parts sweet to 3 parts scatological is kind of set in stone, even if it’s stone that’s only a couple decades old.

The Thing That Will Shock Older Viewers The Most: The casual acceptance of constant surveillance. In a running gag almost every character winds up being filmed while in a goofy, somewhat sexual, compromising position and then the clip is posted to YouTube or some porn site. And no one seems to think too much of it. The addition of MySpace phenomenons Fall Out Boy dovetails right into this idea, as does a late in the movie joke about Pete Wentz’s internet-famous penis.

Sequel Idea: Take Seth Green’s passive-aggressive Amish gearhead with his bone-dry sarcasm and give him his own film.


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