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… a loser …

Who's in It: Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Eva Longoria, Kim Basinger

The Basics: Executive Producer Douglas is a Secret Service agent accused of plotting to assassinate the president. He has to outrun, outwit and outshoot everyone around him to prove his innocence. Gosh, I hope he succeeds.

What's the Deal? You know you're watching a loser movie when you guess who the secret bad guy is three minutes into it based on his or her position among the other actors in the opening credits. Then, 30 minutes in, you've got it locked because … well, I would be giving away all the boring details of this totally snoozy political "thriller" if I told you. But the thing about this is that I'm never the guy who guesses this stuff, so it's not like I'm clever or anything. I'm always surprised. But they more or less tell you in this one.

Make the Movie Go Bang: OK, so you've got a paranoid thriller about assassination, one in which everyone's chasing and shooting each other. Shouldn't it be exciting? I mean, there's a big shootout at the end, right? People I'm supposed to care about are maybe going to die? I should be on the edge of my seat. Not thinking about what level of the parking garage I left my car on!

Penalty for Michael Douglas: If there were ever a Movie Court and I were the judge, I would sentence him to playing the kindly old grandpa next time. That's what he deserves, because check this out …

Blair Brown Is in This Too: About the same age as Douglas, Tony Award–winning actress Brown — the woman Esquire called "the thinking man's bombshell" in the late 1980s — plays a small role as a nameless national security advisor. A Tony Award! Couldn't they at least have given her character a name?


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