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    Entertainment Weekly Darren Franich

    Somehow, it actually looks cheaper than "Paranormal Activity." It's less funny, too.

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    The Hollywood Reporter Frank Scheck

    This latest installment of the horror movie spoof franchise is mainly notable for its Charlie Sheen/Lindsay Lohan cameos.

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For Families provided by Common Sense Media

Iffy for 15+

This dumb, raunchy series should have given up the ghost.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Scary Movie 5 is the latest in the increasingly tired series of horror movie spoofs begun in 2000 by the Wayans brothers (and now continued by others). Like the others, it's filled with vulgar, rude humor and relies on slapstick, stereotypes, crude bodily jokes, and sexual innuendo for laughs. It also includes some horror violence, notably a scene of dismemberment (out of Evil Dead) that's filled with blood. There are also meant-to-be comical scenes of parents punching and smacking children (both accidentally and on purpose). Though there's no graphic nudity or sex, innuendo is very strong, and there's plenty of racy stuff. In the opening sequence, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan make a sex tape, there's a lesbian sex scene, and a pool party sequence shows haunted pool vacuum cleaners drinking and doing drugs. Language includes one "f--k" and many uses of "s--t." Some teens may be interested, but otherwise, this series has run out of steam.

  • Families can talk about Scary Movie 5's sexual humor. Who is that type of comedy intended to appeal to? Does it succeed? Is there anything here on that subject that can be taken seriously?
  • Is the movie actually scary? How can it use images from traditional horror movies and take most of the fear out of them? 
  • Did you notice any stereotypes in the movie? Were they reinforced or dispelled? Is it ever OK to use stereotypes to get laughs?
  • What's the appeal of this franchise, which has been going since the year 2000?

The good stuff
  • message true0

    Messages: As usual, jokes are based on stereotypes, poop jokes, and bodily humor. Characters never seem to learn anything, let alone demonstrate awareness of what's going on.

  • rolemodels true0

    Role models: Most of the characters seem pretty dumb and don't really listen to or relate to others around them. Children are treated badly and more or less ignored.

What to watch for
  • violence false4

    Violence: In one scene, a clueless aunt and uncle punch a couple of little girls in the face (the girls punch back). A baby's head is bashed on a door frame and is also accidentally set on fire. In a scene spoofing Evil Dead, characters saw off their limbs and slice their tongues -- it all happens off screen, though lots of blood is shown. Two characters draw and fire guns. Lots of slapstick falling, characters getting clocked in the head, and comical fighting.

  • sex false4

    Sex: Tons of sexual innuendo, imagery, and banter. Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan make a "comical" sex tape in the opening scene. There's an additional sex scene, though no graphic nudity. Dogs are shown copulating. There's a "party" of pool vacuum cleaners, and they're shown in sexual positions. Crude drawings of penises are briefly shown. A woman performs a sexy pole dance. Two women in bikinis are shown showering together, soaping each other. 50 Shades of Gray is mentioned. A "naughty nanny" is shown, along with a "crotchless" Santa Claus. A sex toy is shown. A porn website is shown (no nudity).

  • language false3

    Language: One use of "f--k" and several uses of "s--t," plus the "N" word, "bitch," "slut," "penis," "vagina," "balls," "hell," "ass," "crap," "damn," and "oh my God."

  • consumerism false1

    Consumerism: Mentos are shown in one scene (a girl eats them, drinks a soda, and then shoots across the room like a rocket).

  • drugsalcoholtobacco false3

    Drinking, drugs and smoking: In one scene, a bunch of "haunted" pool vacuum cleaners have a huge party and are seen "drinking" and snorting cocaine. In an early scene, Snoop Dogg and another character are shown stealing an enormous joint; they also talk about drugs. Two women take Ecstasy in a nightclub.