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Yes, it's stupid.

Who's in It: Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Craig Bierko, Carmen Electra, Simon Rex

The Basics: It's a series of topical sketch-comedy bits that happens to star people from the earlier Scary Movie installments.

What's the Deal? Yes, it's stupid. And if you're surprised by that, then that's because you just woke up from your pop-culture coma a few seconds ago. It's not even a movie that can be "reviewed," really. It's post-"caring about critical response." It's got Carmen Electra acting out a big, extended, noisy bowel movement. While wearing naughty underwear. Ideas of good and bad don't matter here.

Cameo-tastic! It's got Shaq, Dr. Phil, Chingy and Charlie Sheen (who'll do anything).

9/11 Humor; Or Maybe They'll Say It's Fahrenheit 451 Humor, Who Knows? Leslie Nielsen shows up as a really dumb president who ignores a national emergency (War of the Worlds tripod aliens are attacking) in favor of reading a children's book to little kids at school. It's the one moment in which you kind of worry that they're going to actually do something dark and unpleasant. So it's also when the movie is most alive.

How Much You'll Laugh: Some. Maybe more than that, depending on your brain's current circumstances. Look, I'm trying to say that it's a cable stoner movie.

Who's Great, as Usual: Anna Faris. She's hilarious in everything. Anything.


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