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… so screwed up …

Who's in It: Peter Paige, Kathy Najimy, Gabrielle Union, Anthony Clark, Lisa Edelstein

The Basics: It's a satire about homophobia and hysteria over pedophiles that manages to make you side against the vilified main character. He's an unemployed gay man who loves children so much that he decides it would be a good idea to go hang around in a local park to make friends with them. Then he wonders why people are worried about his intentions.

What's the Deal? Did you see the indie black comedy Chuck and Buck? It was about a seriously developmentally arrested gay man obsessed with the friend he sexually experimented with when they were both kids. You feel for the guy even as you're creeped out by his weirdness. This movie features a similarly stunted main guy, but it demands that you think he's the normal one — a premise so screwed up it almost leaves you speechless.

Innocent, I Tell You! Writer-director-star Peter Paige spent the past few years starring as the flamboyant Emmet on Showtime's soap Queer as Folk, on which the poor gays were always under attack by wicked straight people. And yes, there are far too many people who still think gay men are automatically pedophiles. We get it. But, dude. Make a smarter movie, please.

Allow Me to Harp Yet Again on the Ridiculousness of This Film's Plot: Audience are expected to side with a character who thinks it's appropriate to chaperone other people's children to the toy-store restroom. And he has a framed photograph of a friend's naked 5-year-old in his house. He's simply so naive you wonder how he can exist in this world without being eaten by coyotes.


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