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Saw VI Review

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Take that, Aetna.

Who's In It: Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell, Shawnee Smith

The Basics: Jigsaw wants to play a game. Again. Same game, too, more or less, which is pretty impressive when you consider he's been dead for a few sequels already. But yeah, same chainsaw embedded in your butt that you have to dislodge with a pickax and then use it to chainsaw your own head off before you dig the sewing needles out of this other guys femoral artery and then sew your own head back on by hand and then locate your eyeballs that have been stashed in the ribcage of that lady hanging up side down over a pit of deadly vipers. Or else you all die in an even more horrible way.

What's The Deal: I had written off these movies a long time ago as each sequel became more boring and pointless than the one before. The first one was the only film in the series worth a damn. And while the structure, setup and payoff hasn't changed here, something kind of vital has shifted because the victims this time around are people you'd actually want to see slaughtered in real life--predatory home loan officers, corrupt lawyers or health insurance agents responsible for denying life-saving coverage. Way to get all political, Jigsaw.

Who Should See It: Any good liberal who wants to see the healthcare industry punished in effigy for dropping coverage on 17-pound babies. And any drone who ever used the words "pre-existing condition" as a conversation stopper. It should also be required viewing by every politician in Congress who voted for corporate bailouts or who are dragging their heels on a public medical coverage option.

Best Gore: Happens at the very beginning so don't be late or you'll miss it.

If It Were Me Locked In A Cage Having To Decide Whether Or Not This Series Lived Or Died: I'd begrudgingly give it another shot at life. This isn't a franchise-saving sequel, but it's the most entertaining of them all. And when a "part 6" of anything can surprise me, even in small way, it gets a pass.


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