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It asks you to side with a jerk.

Who's in It: Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton, Hank Azaria

The Basics: Oh good, more thirtysomething guys with arrested emotional development as romantic comedy heroes. This one did the awesome thing of leaving his pregnant girlfriend at the altar so that he could go off and be a slobby security guard in a panty store. Now he wants to ruin her relationship with a successful guy (who's kind of a jerk himself, but still). Go on, root for him!

What's the Deal? With a movie like Knocked Up, the main schlub was at least supposed to be a likeable layabout. This movie asks you to side with a jerk and then dislike the other guy that the jerk's too-good-for-him ex-girlfriend Newton has hooked up with. Furthermore, Knocked Up was funny.

Most Annoying Marketing Blurb: Some Denver radio station — no human being named here; the whole station must have gone to see it and come to this consensus — says, "It's Shaun of the Dead meets Wedding Crashers." Guess what, Denver radio station? NO, IT'S NOT. It's Shaun. Crashing his own wedding. And he's not even fat. Geez.

Newton Career Intervention Time: It's time this talented woman got better roles than in melodramatic nonsense like Crash and unfunny crap like Norbit, then as the long-suffering baby-mama in this annoying movie. I'm sure she's grateful to be working, but are casting directors all out of their minds? Someone making a halfway decent movie, please hire her.

Not for Fans Of: Hot Fuzz or the aforementioned Shaun.


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