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… they throw an annoying twist ending at you.

Who's in It: Mary McCormack, Rory Cochrane

The Basics: The fondest, darkest wish of every Los Angeles resident who ever failed at leaving their creative mark on the city comes to pass when a series of dirty bombs go off, claiming countless lives and turning the entire area into a fog of poison ash. But because this is a cheap-o indie, you never see any good destruction, and all you're left with is "human drama."

What's the Deal? The "human drama" part is pretty cool, though, because it's about a wife trapped outside the house, and the husband who won't let her in to contaminate him. As metaphors for crap marriages go, that's not a bad one. But then, just as you're thinking something really cool and doom-filled is about to happen, they throw an annoying twist ending at you.

Who's Good: McCormack, because she spends the whole movie screaming obscenities at Cochrane and clawing at the front door. I know it's wrong to laugh at stuff like this because that's not what the filmmaker intended. But when comedies like I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry are all you can hope for at the multiplex, you take your funny where you find it.

What to Do When You Get Bored: Personally, I made a to-do list of emergency preparedness. Like, for example, I realized I don't have a working radio in my house. Or enough batteries. Or enough canned food, candles, matches or drinking water. Or duct tape to keep McCormack out. I still haven't gone to the store to get this stuff yet, but at least my list is made.

Who Should See It: People who hate Los Angeles. People who hate Cochrane. Terrorists short on ideas.


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