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Cheap thrills and zombie kills in 3D.

Who's In It: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller, Boris Kodjoe, Kim Coates, Shawn Roberts, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Spencer Locke, Sienna Guillory, Kacey Barnfield

The Basics: It's been four years since the zombie apocalypse first began and Alice (Milla Jovovich) is still battling the dastardly scientists of the Umbrella Corp. Using her army of clones, she destroys Umbrella's entire Tokyo operation, but loses her super powers. Now human, Alice pilots a two-seater across North America and records video blogs as she searches for her old pals, which brings her to a Los Angeles prison where she joins forces with yet another ragtag band of survivors and must battle the so-evil-he-wears-sunglasses-indoors Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts).

What's The Deal: After churning out four movies in the Resident Evil film franchise, Paul W.S. Anderson and Co. have officially run out of things to do. But while the story here feels a lot like what's come before (Alice joins a group of survivors, most of whom don't make it to the end, and then fights the big boss before an open-ended conclusion suggests there'll be yet another sequel in a few more years) and the cast often flounders on the edge of unintentional camp, Resident Evil: Afterlife does offer something new: 3D. Not just any old crappy post-converted 3D, either; the filmmakers used Avatar technology, which gives the film a crisp depth that makes the silly action watchable, whether it's two hot Alice clones diving out of windows or Ali Larter fighting a giant axe-wielding mutant in the shower. You didn't need Oscar-caliber stuff from a movie that revolves around Milla Jovovich killing zombies in a skintight body suit, did you?

Things Paul W.S. Anderson Throws At The Audience In 3D: Raindrops, blood spurts, ninja stars, exploding heads, shards of glass, a giant axe, zombie Dobermans with heads that split open, loose change, bullets, bullets in slo-mo, everything in slo-mo. Basically, Anderson slows down every awesome action sequence he comes up with, sticking to the film making school of thought that everything looks cooler in slo-mo.

The Few And Far Between Moments Of Subtle Self-Awareness: Lest you think everyone involved is taking this silly zombie movie completely seriously, Anderson inserts a number of sly winks at his audience. There's Alice's penchant for loading her shotgun with quarters so that baddies literally explode into showers of coins. And the more obvious ribs at Los Angeles, where most of the action takes place and zombies have overrun the populace, leaving only an actress (Kacey Barnfield), an NBA star (Boris Kodjoe), an oily movie producer (Kim Coates), and the producer's intern (Norman Yeung) among the survivors. The best acknowledgment that these folks know what kind of movie they're in comes as a character returns from assumed death at the hands of zombies and triumphantly yells, "Star power, bitches!"

Stay For The Credits Or You'll Miss: The brief appearance of Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory, reprising her role from Resident Evil: Apocalypse), who incidentally was the original female protagonist of the Capcom video game on which the franchise is based.


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Camy - 9-14-2010 4:28 PM
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Jen, I'm totally surprised, and a bit miffed, that you didn't put more emphasis into Evil's 3D usgae especially after sooo many 'films' that have marketed themselves as 3D when at best they should be called "2.5D" as a conversion in my eyes does not a 3D qualification make!

ric - 9-14-2010 5:30 PM
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Hmm. don't think i'll go, too bad though heard the 3D was ecellent and niot that 'converted' tpe like clash. oh well

Felicia - 9-15-2010 7:58 AM
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i just went to see that last week and i liked it, the 3D was pretty awesome and i would watch it again. I mean people go see it and there like this movie sucks, but i mean if you are a true RE fan, well it doesn't matter if the movie sucks or not. And another sequel is coming out and i am excited to see it, even though it may be in a few years.

Jen Yamato - 9-16-2010 2:26 AM
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Hi Camy, I hear you on the 3D, but while I thought it was well executed and looked crisp I didn't feel it made a huge difference. This exact same Resident Evil film, if made in 2D with comparable visual quality, would probably have felt about the same to my sensibilities. But yes, I give the filmmakers props for doing 3D the right way. There's really no excuse for awful post conversion 3D. Thanks for your comments, everyone! Jen

Zach - 9-28-2010 7:55 PM
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Jen,i liked all of the resident evil movies, i thought that they portrayed excellent graphics especially for their time period. i saw this movie the other day, i couldnt get into it as well as the others but i disagree with you by saying that the 3d ill give some credit againt because we just switched to 3d really and i thought that the slo-mo was well timed. and its simply a known zombie movie fact that almost everyone thats in the beginning dies. so i think this movie deserves two more stars.Z?

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