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More undead. More Milla. More is less.

Who's In It: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller, Kim Coates, Boris Kodjoe

The Basics: Milla is free from her lockdown and she heads off to a prison in Los Angeles where she thinks there might be some survivors of the viral outbreak/zombie infestation she's been capably battling for the past several movies. There are: a producer, an actor, a basketball player, etc., which means she's struck the jackpot of Hollywood stereotypes should the new world they build ever need repopulation with comfortingly self-absorbed cliches.

What's The Deal: I have never met a single person who waits anxiously or greedily for this series to have a next installment, never known anyone who dreams fondly of the day that a new Resident Evil movie will appear. But every time one gets belched up, the people in my life whose living doesn't revolve around watching films still say, "Oh hey, how's that new Resident Evil movie?" and I just stare at them and say, "What's it to you?" Their answer is, without variation, "Oh, I don't know. Thought it might be better than the last one. It was okay." And that is the state of the world right now. "Is it better than just okay?" has replaced, "Will it blow my mind? Will I have an experience that'll change my way of seeing the world? Are there tons of cool deaths?" The answer, by the way, is no. It's always no. There's not one good reason for this franchise to exist. Give your ticket money to charity instead.

Why It Exists: For the 3D. It's surprisingly good. They made it the way a new 3D movie should be made, intentionally and not simply retrofitted to take advantage of the current trend. So it looks very cool and crisp and they know why you want 3D in the first place unless your name is James Cameron--you want stuff thrown at your face. They do a lot of this. Planes, axes, dogs, glass, bullets, stuff. And the battles are sort of broken down into that Matrix-y, slow-mo, "Hey, check this out!" show-offiness. It holds your attention while it's happening.

Besides The Audience, Who Deserves Better: Milla Jovovich. She might never become as accomplished as Helen Mirren but she wears this character like a skin-tight suit now and, while no one was really looking, has turned herself into a somewhat badass female action star. Angelina Jolie may have jumped on that bandwagon with Salt but Milla's been here the whole time, battle video game menaces in movie after movie. It's just too bad they're really boring movies where nothing fresh or exciting ever goes down.

Most Annoying Thing of All: The open-ended possibility of a fifth...


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Billie - 9-14-2010 4:29 PM
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Comment? Saw it, liked it, probably won't go again or buy it but would rent it!

Samantha Johnston - 9-14-2010 4:32 PM
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Hmm, I saw it - was dragged actually, and you know it wasn't all bad especially the 3D - and not smore drib converted one but like Avator, it "looked" like and felt 3D - go again no, buy no unless 3D at home really worked so probably not rent it either.

Barry - 9-14-2010 5:46 PM
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I saw it and would again! The 3D bits were very enjoyable.

Ha! - 9-14-2010 8:05 PM
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That had to be the single best, "This movie sucks" review I've ever seen. Just for that, I feel drawn like a zombie to go see this film.

Charles - 9-15-2010 12:20 PM
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Saw it and enjoyed it. this is really for the fans of the resident evil games. Watched from a film critic point of view, it would no doubt be given the rating it got.

ric - 9-15-2010 3:45 PM
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I'm going, heard the 3D support was xlnt

Jason - 9-15-2010 8:38 PM
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It was ok. the 3-d is a really uprising for all the blood, deaths. But the fight with wesker vs the redfields should of been better. Plus Jill Valentine was in the movie. but thats only for the real resident evil fans. they should of ended the movie with this one.

Vince - 9-15-2010 8:40 PM
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I saw the movie and did enjoy the 3D effects but like the critic stated it was more of the same. I Really enjoy watching Milla and Ali Larter as a team. It would be cool to see them in another action type movie but I think the Resident Evil brand is just about over.

MC - 9-16-2010 12:36 PM
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Okay -- y'all changed my mind. I was going to rent it, but it sounds like the 3D makes it worth while in the theater.

Jasmine - 9-17-2010 11:33 PM
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They already talking about making Resident Evil 5 which it come out in 2013 it mite be one of the last movies of resident evil series but it going to be a good one, If you haven't seen the 4th After Life right go see it and see how the ending looks... I was reading the Production of this movie and they going to make a other 5 installment and they going to have other producers to make some changes want that mean it going to better and more exciting, I can't wait.....

Erick - 9-18-2010 4:21 PM
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Does anyone here know how to use proper grammar. I've noticed that the people who enjoyed the movie the most can barely spell.

sandra ellis - 9-25-2010 1:34 AM
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This movie was horrible; I was falling asleep during the film, and felt that I was robbed. There was no plot, and I would not even watch it on DVD.

S.E. Gordon - 10-11-2010 9:32 AM
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Fans of the series, who have actually played the game, will love the latest incarnation--it's the perfect Resident Evil film! The use of the 3D technology is excellent, and the action is top-notch. Casting is equally impressive, and while I wasn't too sure about Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield, once I saw him onscreen I really appreciated what he brought to the character. I find it hard to believe that anyone could fall asleep during the film, but if so, it makes me wonder if a person like this appreciates zombie films at all.

Robert - 10-31-2010 3:42 AM
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I'm a fan of the games. I'm saying the movies need to stop.

Bryan - 1-10-2011 1:06 PM
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This movie was absolutely horrible, not one good thing about it. I can't figure out how any of you found any pleasure in watching a movie with idiotic fight scenes, characters that are not developed and oddly cliched. Just horrendous, I rented it at redbox for one dollar and I felt ripped off!

jaime - 5-21-2011 2:57 PM
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This is by far the worst movie in the franchise, and I blame it on 3D. If not done right, it makes the cinimatography look bad. For the next installment, they should kick it old school and go back to its roots.

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