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… not as smart or awesome as anyone in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Who's in It: Elizabeth Reaser, Justin Kirk, Gretchen Mol, Julianne Nicholson

The Basics: A hetero couple breaks up. Then a lesbian couple breaks up, too. That's when the main breakup lesbian (Reaser) hooks up with both former members of the hetero couple. I like this premise. And I would like it a whole lot more if it were anywhere near as funny as the classic comedy Holiday that's name-checked by one of the characters. Or if it had anything new to say about the ways people move in and out of love and/or sexual identities.

What's the Deal? I feel compelled to write a little note to this movie and every movie like it:

Dear Every Character in "Sophisticated" Urban Indie Comedies:
Shut your cake-holes with all the whining and fakey intellectual dialogue. You are not as smart or awesome as anyone in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. You are the enemies of entertainment. Die before the closing credits, please.

What I Would Rather Watch Than This Movie (Not Counting The L Word): A nonfiction film about the hell that director Maria Maggenti went through after she made the not-bad-at-all 1995 indie comedy The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love. It was a big hit — and not just with lesbian and gay audiences. She was the lesbian It Director of the moment. Then she went and got herself a boyfriend. This caused her some trouble at the time, and it clearly informs the plot of this annoying movie.

You Know You're Creatively Scraping the Bottom When … a Woody Allen-ish moment in a restaurant with patrons commenting on the actions of the star-crossed lovers includes the tired cliché of an angry lesbian softball team.


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