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… there's funny stuff going on.

Who's in It: Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Bryan Greenberg

The Basics: A 37-year-old woman dates a 23-year-old man. Then she discovers that he's the son of her therapist.

What's the Deal? When Shopgirl's rich, old Steve Martin steps out with struggling young artist Claire Danes, no one bugs him about it. In fact, his influence over her is this weird thing the movie refuses even to address. But then here comes this one, about a sort-of older woman who works in fashion photography and her young struggling artist boyfriend, and no one in the film can talk about anything else but how unusual they are together.

Not That It's Like Shopgirl at All: Because this movie is pretty funny, as opposed to Shopgirl, which is pretty not. Most of the funny stuff comes from Meryl Streep, who can make you laugh just by drinking a glass of water, but at least there's funny stuff going on. Unlike in Shopgirl.

It's Also Not Like Monster-in-Law: Streep's worried mother — she's upset that Thurman's character isn't a nice Jewish girl for her son to maybe marry — doesn't end up trying to poison anyone or running around shrieking. These people mostly act like people. Really rich Manhattan people with great apartments, but still people.

Percentage of Oy Vey: 25 — there are affected accents (it comes with the territory when you cast Streep) and a couple of silly Manischewitz jokes, but nothing too eye-roll inducing.

Percentage Too Cute for Its Own Good: 20 — for the sake of comparison, Something's Gotta Give would score, like, 90 in this category.

Standout Guy You've Never Heard Of: Ato Essandoh, who plays Thurman's apartment building doorman, steals every scene he's in with his awesome, Lurch-like deadpan.


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