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… better when it was called Glory Road

Who's in It: Terrence Howard, Bernie Mac, Kimberly Elise, Tom Arnold, Brandon Fobbs, Alphonso McAuley, Regine Nehy, Evan Ross

The Basics: An all-African-American swim team in the early '70s must face obstacles and racism as it strives to win the big meet. But I liked it better when it was called Glory Road and Hoosiers and The Bad News Bears and Mighty Ducks and Miracle and The Rookie and Invincible and Remember the Titans and Revenge of the Nerds (remember, they have that race thing at the end and Lamar Latrell throws that javelin?).

What's the Deal? It's lucky for the film that 300 has everyone primed for come-from-behind-triumph-against-all-odds stories. Because, really, what is 300 but the kind of movie a coach shows his football team before the big game? It means this might attract a spillover audience. Unless that audience just decides to go see 300 again instead.

How You Know That Stuff Like "The Small Gesture" Is Not What Pride Plans to Concern Itself With: The opening scene of young Howard encountering racism at a meet concludes with someone stepping on his head, putting it squarely in the broad-strokes Crash school of social-issue representation. Meanwhile, the filmmakers don't trust the movie to hold its own with a single second of silence, so they cram every square inch of the soundtrack with R&B hits from the '70s, usually themed to the action. So when Howard gets shot down for a job because he's black, you hear "Backstabbers" accompanying his disappointment.

What's Good About It: Howard is good. He's always good. He was even good in Glitter. You can't find fault with this guy's acting. Even Mac proves that he can be more than Bernie Mac. So it's got that going for it.

Ooh, Tough Drug Dealer: My favorite is the guy who plays the mean neighborhood drug dealer. He hangs out and seems to have nothing better to do than harass and intimidate a swim team.


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