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A perfect balance of preposterous and serious …

Who's in It: Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon, Nia Long, Kate Nelligan, Amber Valletta

The Basics: No longer content to time-travel with the aid of a clunky, old, unreliable mailbox, Bullock has upgraded her crisscrossing-through-time skill set to the point where she can do it in her sleep with no help from anyone. The catch? One day, she wakes up, and her husband is dead. The next day he's alive. Then back and forth like that for the whole movie. Naturally, she's displeased with this lack of control over her (and his) destiny, as well as with the fact that her husband isn't even Keanu Reeves this time around; it's just one of the Nip/Tuck guys. They keep production costs down, though, those B-listers.

What's the Deal? It kind of boils down to which Bullock you prefer. There are three of them. There's wacky Miss Congeniality Sandy. Then there's glum, suspicious Sandra like you get here — unsmiling, looks hungry. And finally, there's racist Crash Bullock — Serious Actress. It turns out that the last one is the most entertaining, even if Crash was superawful. But I like them all, really. I'm kind of a pushover for her. I don't really know why.

My Favorite Part: She goes to see a psychiatrist (for a couple of reasons I won't give away here) and gets riled up when he won't immediately believe that she's somehow moving back in forth through time. It's huffy and tantrum-y, and I kind of hope it's based on some kind of real Bullock life experience — like when she pitches a fit at her personal assistant.

Why You Should See It, Even Though It's Totally Dumb:
1. A perfect balance of preposterous and serious (and serious preposterousness).
2. A gross dead-bird cameo (like the ones on the poster that combine with trees and leaves to make her face).
3. All the great real estate and furniture porn of a Nancy Meyers movie with none of the cloying cuteness.
4. Weird plot strand — one that never goes anywhere, but whatever — involving Bullock getting committed to a mental hospital (movie stars in restraints is a good first step no matter what the context).

Typecasting Is Better Than No Casting: Check out former supermodel Valletta as the Mysterious Other Woman, the same role she played in the Michelle Pfeiffer "Why Is This Bathtub Messing With My Mind?" movie, What Lies Beneath.


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