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Post good.

Who's In It: Alexis Bledel, Michael Keaton, Jane Lynch, Carol Burnett

The Basics: A nice girl who's smart and nice, and who has a nice guy in her life who'd like to be her nice boyfriend even though she's not really into him and just thinks it's nice that they're friends, just graduated from a nice college and she'd like a nice job in publishing because she likes books because they're nice but she can't find work because the economy is not so nice so she lives at home with her nice family who are sort of wacky but still really nice--except for grandma, played by Carol Burnett, who's a cranky old bitch and therefore the only funny thing in this whole nice and insanely boring movie.

What's The Deal: And it's not even worth seeing for Carol Burnett, who tries to rise above the mediocrity she's been handed to work with, yet has only two moments where she truly gets laughs. And here's where to find them, come the day you're looking at this thing on cable and wondering if it was ever really in theaters and why it was made:
1. The opening graduation ceremony scene where she disrupts the proceedings and pulls a classic Carol Burnett face in the process. Because it takes place in the first 10 minutes, it will give you false hope for the rest of the movie's comedic possibilities.
2. The part where she walks in on Alexis Bledel and her new Brazilian boyfriend while they're about to do "it." And that's it. Those two moments.

Why It Sucks So Much: It never commits to any character having a personality. It acts like the audience knows nothing about how humans behave or find jobs or keep them or have romantic relationships or exist in families. And because it believes you know nothing about that stuff it goes off on its merry way being totally wrong, brutally unfunny, painfully dull and limp. More sadly, it wastes the very appealing Alexis Bledel, and as a longtime Gilmore Girls fan, I find that unforgivable. Avoid it at all costs.

Oh, Sorry, Wait, There Is One Other Somewhat Funny Bit: A cat funeral. Has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. But it's funny. Maybe the whole movie should have been about dead cats.


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