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Planet B-Boy Review

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… it doesn't get deep enough …

The Basics: Breakdancing crews from a variety of countries show their moves and then head over to Germany for the international championship. It's like if the kids in Mad Hot Ballroom suddenly started dancing to Kraftwerk instead. And weren't as interesting.

What's the Deal? When I'm watching something like Step Up 2 the Streets, it doesn't matter if it's is all about dancing and skimpy on humanity. I'm there to see people bounce off walls. But a documentary like this one that's more concerned with fast-paced editing than with the people the camera's focused on might as well be video wallpaper in a skateboard shop.

Daddy Issues: There's an odd undercurrent of broken familyness going on, since one of the dancers wants to earn his father's respect with breakdancing and another is working through his grief over the recent death of his own dad. And all through it, the dancers talk about how their real family is the crew. But what sucks is that the movie doesn't get deep enough with any one person so there's no one to really feel for. Even Flashdance stopped long enough to make you love Jennifer Beals, you know?

And Another Thing About That Editing: It's so choppy you never get to see full routines. You wonder what would have happened if the filmmakers had said, "I know you guys have practiced a whole lot on this stuff, so now we're going to put all that footage in a blender and that favorite spin you put into it is going to wind up edited out. Sorry."


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