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    Chicago Sun-TimesRoger Ebert

    Director Chris Columbus has fun with this goofy premise, but as always I am distracted by the practical aspects of the story. Does it bother the Greek gods that no one any longer knows or cares that they rule the world? What are the genetic implications of human/god interbreeding?

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  • 70

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    The Hollywood Reporter

    So has "Percy Jackson" successfully cracked the "Potter" code? In terms of overall quality, not even close. Still, the film's carefully calibrated mixture of CGI-enhanced spectacle, diverting (and blood-free) action sequences and adolescent angst could make it a modest hit with the eight to 12-year-old set.

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  • 58

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    Entertainment Weekly

    Has all the CGI sorcery of a Harry Potter pic, but none of the magic.

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