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Pathology Review

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… amazing for the sheer amount of insane things juxtaposed together in the same scene.

Who's in It: Milo Ventimiglia, Alyssa Milano, Michael Weston

The Basics: Milo is a brilliant Harvard-medical-school graduate who's placed on an elite team of forensic doctors (in case you didn't know that there were elite teams of forensic doctors, this movie blows the lid off them and their antics). But this elite team of forensic doctors is obsessed with pulling off the perfect murder. So they do a lot of murdering. Milo helps. But then he gets upset when they decide to target him and his fiancée Alyssa. See, murder is only a blast when it happens to other people.

What's the Deal? See that "D" in the grade part of this review? I don't really mean it. Because, thankfully, this is the kind of awful, grisly, offensive, hilarious film that's also amazing for the sheer amount of insane things often juxtaposed together in the same scene. Want to see a geriatric prostitute spreading her legs just before her pimp/grandson is poisoned and hacked to death? How about the forced inhalation of liquid nitrogen into the lungs of a big fat pedophile who freezes internally while his killers hump like crystal-meth-addicted weasels on the floor in front of him? Of course you do.

But Wait! There's More! As in vivisection, girl-on-girl autopsy flirtation, diseased brains being thrown around for laughs, more violent sex that involves scalpel-slicing your bisexual lover's tongue, crazy-staring-in-place-of-acting, Alyssa Milano armpit stubble, crack-pipe-fueled and autopsy-adjacent blood orgies, corpses-as-ventriloquist-dummies, amputee stiffs as Three Stooges-esque props used in wacky prosthetic-leg-removal comedy bits and dead children employed as setups for booger jokes. Also a giant murder/explosion. I can't say this strongly enough: GO SEE THIS SICK MOVIE.

Memorable Quote: "Kudos on killing everybody."


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