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Standard normal sequel activities.

Who's In It: Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Sprague Grayden, Brian Boland, Molly Ephraim

The Basics: In this prequel/sequel (Yes, it's both, but that's all I'll say.) the people in the first movie turn out to be the nearby family of the characters here. That means Micah is alive again and he and Katie are not quite yet plagued by the demon that wrecked their lives in the original film. That demon has to wreck the lives of Katie's sister, her husband, stepdaughter and newborn baby first. Also their dog. That poor dog gets more trouble than just about anyone.

What's The Deal: Once you've exposed the monster/boogeyman/demon/murderer in your first movie, your second movie is almost always going to be less exciting. That law of nature should rightly be in high school physics textbooks by this point. But it's not. And while this one holds your attention the entire time, everything effective or frightening about it is lifted straight from its predecessor. All the jolts, all the supernatural door-slamming, everything. Only this time there's no mystery as to what's causing it. You just sit and wait for that entity to get to work and starting haunting the heck out of these people.

What's Missing: This bigger-budget chapter opens up the camera angles a lot. If you saw the first one then you know that when the camera returned to same shot of the dark hallway through the open bedroom door at the same time every night that it was like an audience trigger to tense up and worry about was about to happen next. But this is a larger house with more cameras and more points of demonic entry. Instead of being trapped in one bedroom, this family has quite a few escape routes that they use quite a bit, which doesn't really help build a sense of dread. It just makes you think, "Get out of the house, fools. The door's right there."

Sequel Opportunities: By focusing as much on the teenage stepdaughter as it does, the movie has aimed itself right for the biggest filmgoing audience. It was also plotted with an eye to allowing her character the possibility of coming back for the seemingly inevitable third haunting that will be even less scary than this one.

Lights On Or Off After You Come Home From The Theater To An Empty House? Off. The first one was spooky enough to make you check under the beds. This one won't even make you double check to see if the front door is locked.


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RAY - 10-22-2010 9:34 PM
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Methylch3 - 10-22-2010 10:39 PM
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Hollywood greed: If the first movie makes money, just make a second movie that's a clone so you can make even more money. Same predictable door slamming, people getting dragged around, and other tricks from the first movie. No new ground broken artistically and, in many cases, this is unintentionally funny. The audience in my theater laughed through all of the "scary" parts. Don't watch this movie and encourage them to make another five Paranormal clones.

JohnB - 10-23-2010 3:58 AM
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While I think Dave does have a point here, I also think that he is the monster-master and things that scare some people might not scare him because while he can watch The Exorcist and maybe laugh out loud, I pee my pants. But maybe I'm just a panzy, though horror is my favorite genre! Great review as always though, and maybe I'm just way to sleepy anyway whew...

moviedude - 10-24-2010 6:23 PM
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I'm with Dave about the movie's overall lackluster. Let's face it - if the demon just wanted the boy there are far more direct and less time-consuming ways to get him. He (mr. demon) took a whole 2 movies to "play with his food", and uping the ante until everyone was safely out of his way - and scaring the *#!@ out of everyone.....until this sequel (when we realized there is no demon on film). Even still I give the director and editor (the guy who cut the film into neat, quick nail-biting scenes) a solid 3 1/2 stars for effort.

drigoz - 10-25-2010 11:03 AM
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yeh, it will make millions, and you will watch PA3. so dont kid yoursef. hahaha.

Britt - 10-30-2010 4:03 PM
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This movie is so amazing! Dave has no reason to rate it so low. It was 10 TIMES BETTER than the first one. I like that the camera has more views of the whole house and stuff happens in more than one place because then you never know what is coming!!! The pool cleaner scene was the best part out of the whole movie!! :D

Jessica - 11-17-2010 2:36 PM
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When does this movie come out on DVD???

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