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… weirdly original premise.

Who's in It: Parker Posey, Paul Rudd, Mischa Barton, Danny DeVito, Liza Minnelli, Heather Graham

The Basics: Posey plays a woman who's never had an orgasm. Her husband (Rudd) is depressed because he can't make it happen for her. So she goes to a class on masturbation taught by Minnelli. Then she goes out and buys a vibrator. Then she gets addicted to the vibrator. Then she turns into a slut. Then she does it with DeVito. Trust me when I tell you that it sounds funnier than it actually is.

What's the Deal? Here's why I get frustrated. I get tempted by the come-on of a cool cast — and really, if you don't think Posey is the raddest woman ever, then we can't be friends — and a weirdly original premise. But then the script is limp, and the direction doesn't let the cast do its thing properly. You begin to understand how a person might never have an orgasm, especially if it takes a good movie to give you one.

What's Good About It: Posey could be the Rosalind Russell or Eve Arden of today if only they'd write those kinds of characters these days. She's great here, from start to finish. Except for the part where she does it with DeVito. You don't see that every day.

Trends in Location Scouting, Exposed Here Just for You: A Frank Gehry building stands in for a science lab here. In fact, every building the man designs has wound up being used in some movie or car commercial lately. If you didn't live on Earth, you'd think we all lived in balls of crumpled, swooping aluminum.

Little-Known Sex Facts: According to Mischa Barton's character, who has an affair with her teacher (Rudd), the age of consent is 16 in Cleveland. Can that be true? It just sounds made up, is all. Also, as in all sex comedies set in Cleveland, no one gets naked. Just thought you'd like to know that in case you were hoping that this movie might show you a little skin. The most you get is Rudd shirtless.


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