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100 percent Madea-free.

Who’s In It: Morris Chestnut, Taraji P. Henson, Eddie Cibrian, Jenifer Lewis, Niecy Nash, Maeve Quinlan

The Basics: Morris Chestnut is a humble, decent, good-hearted, small businessman—who’s so nice he’s also a devoted Little League coach—who has an indifferent, career-oriented wife pushing him away emotionally and refusing to get pregnant. This causes him to be tempted by another woman and the possibility of leaving his wife altogether. Adding more insults and injury, his bitter, angry mother-in-law moves in with them and the two ladies gang up on the poor guy. Cue Goliath asking Davey how this marriage can be saved.

What’s The Deal: Ladies, it’s wrong of you to deny your husband when he just wants to put a baby in you and dismantle your career goals. It just is. Your job is to be a happy wife and mommy. And if you need more convincing of this bit of contentment-making marriage advice, just watch this movie as many times as it takes until you realize the error of your ways. Also? Get yourself to church fast or your whole world is going to fall apart.

How It’s Like Revolutionary Road: It makes you wonder if the main characters ever had a single conversation that involved getting to know one another before tying the knot. And, for the record, this movie wins, if for no other reason than that they fight a lot less and you won’t feel like clawing your own eyes out when it’s over.

Why It’s Better Than I Just Gave It Credit For Being With Those Somewhat Flippant Remarks: It’s 100 percent Madea-free, which, in addition to saving the movie from the inclusion of frying pans being used as domestic weapons, also means that someone besides Tyler Perry is responsible for it. Director Bill Duke manages to slow down the scoldiness train long enough to be occasionally subtle and true, especially when it comes time for grumpy wife Taraji P. Henson to deal with her furious mother.

Most Enjoyable For: Jenifer Lewis as that furious mother. She knows she’s bathing in a soap opera and doesn’t seem to mind.


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