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  • 70

    out of 100

    Village VoiceChuck Wilson

    Director Ryûhei Kitamura (The Midnight Meat Train) is too talented for material this retro-junky, but he and screenwriter David Cohen keep the action coming hard and fast.

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  • 40

    out of 100

    Los Angeles TimesRobert Abele

    No One Lives is a cheap horror prank that's ultimately not clever or accomplished enough to sustain its eccentricities, and they are very bloody eccentricities indeed.

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  • 30

    out of 100

    The New York TimesJeannette Catsoulis

    Mr. Kitamura, an action enthusiast who prefers to show rather than tell, seems unaware that the film’s dialogue is laughable, its characters unfathomable and the acting often less than optimal.

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  • 10

    out of 100

    The Hollywood ReporterJohn DeFore

    When a slasher pic can't exploit a woodchipper for more sadistic thrills than we get here, it shouldn't expect moviegoers to salivate for a sequel.

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