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… gets its weird on.

Who's in It: Ryan Reynolds, Melissa McCarthy, Hope Davis, Elle Fanning

The Basics: Everyone in the cast plays different roles in three seemingly separate stories that eventually overlap. Reynolds is, in part one, "The Prisoner," an actor under house arrest being monitored by publicist McCarthy (Gilmore Girls). In part two, "Reality Television," Reynolds is a gay TV show-runner and McCarthy plays herself as his best friend. In part three, "Knowing," the two are married and have a spooky daughter (played by Dakota's little sister — no surprise). Oh, the other thing is that none of it makes any sense.

What's the Deal? I couldn't stop thinking about The Fountain while I watched this. That was another one that made no sense. But at least it had a tree that shot white goo all over Hugh Jackman and a lot of other visually freaked-out stuff. This one just has Los Angeles, which isn't so great to look at, but it gets some points for going out there all the same and getting its weird on. I'll take that over another smart-alecky indie heist or quirky alt-romantic comedy any day.

What I Think May Be the Point(s) of This Film:
1. You are God.
2. Or maybe you only think you're God.
3. People who work in TV and film are the ones who really think they're God.
4. You have a little animated triangle floating over your head unless you're Reynolds, who may in fact be more godlike than you because he's got a little animated diamond floating over his.
5. If there is a God, it's not you. And God likes koalas better.

Who's Good, If not Godlike: Reynolds is best as the gay show-runner who has to break McCarthy's heart. That he doesn't go for the stereotypical gay voice and mannerisms is a nice break from performances like Robert De Niro's in Stardust.

P.S. I didn't really fall asleep while watching it like I said in my column. I haven't done that since I saw Mr. Bean's Holiday.


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