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...sweet, shy, low-key...

Who’s In It: Michael Cera, Kat Dennings, Ari Graynor, Jay Baruchel, Rafi Gavron, Aaron Yoo

The Basics: Two teenage indie rock kids wind up on an inadvertent first date over the course of one sleepless night in New York City. It’s part scavenger hunt, part rescue mission, part gross-out comedy (seriously, I want to see the sequel where they all come down with hepatitis from some of the nasty stuff taking place in this movie) and part sweet, shy, low-key sexcapade. And who cares if the main characters’ budding romance is based solely on having similar taste in music? That alone makes it more plausible than its predecessors, movies where magic sparks and cuteness stood in for actual conversations between the alleged lovers. These two may not be "every-teen" but they look and act a lot like the ones I’ve met recently.

What’s The Deal: Hey Juno backlashers, this isn’t the movie you think it is. It shares one actor and a font. Beyond that it’s a different world. These kids aren’t as highly stylized as the 2007’s mouthiest pregnant adolescent. They’re less confident, more confused, less likely to take no prisoners and feel less like stand-ins for their screenwriter. Having said that, there wasn't anything wrong with Juno. But I’ve been hearing a lot of lip from people who haven’t even seen this thing and someone ought to correct the misconception.

The Movie It Wants To Be: 1979’s A Little Romance, the one about an American girl (Diane Lane) and her French boyfriend whose main goal is simply to slip away from all the people around them so they can kiss. It’s not A Little Romance, but its definitely a little aimless and a little shambling. That’s kind of a good thing.

How Much More Of This Character Michael Cera Gets To Play: None. He’s been this guy on Arrested Development, in Superbad, in Juno and now here. It’s nice and all. It’s not like he’s wearing out his welcome. But he’s in danger of becoming typecast as… well… possibly himself.

If You Hate Vampire Weekend: You’ll think the characters’ musical taste is questionable. You’ll also get over it. For a movie with the words “infinite playlist” in the title it’s way less nerdy than something like High Fidelity. Bonus: Jack Black doesn’t show up to sing. But you know who does? My friend John Cantwell! He’s the guy in something similar to drag who gets a whole weird number right in the middle of the movie. That’s right, I know men who sometimes wear wigs.


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