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Nacho Libre Review

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… self-aware doofus-fest.

Who's in It: Jack Black, Ana de la Reguera, Hector Jimenez

The Basics: Your ability to deal with this movie about a priest who yearns to be a masked wrestler will depend on your tolerance for Black. He's a whole lot of What He Is, and some people can't deal with it. Personally, I'm only annoyed when he gets too Tenacious D with the singing and dumb faces. Otherwise I'm good.

What's the Deal? The deadpan junior-high silliness of Napoleon Dynamite (director Jared Hess' first movie) is here in full effect, but it feels looser and less derivative. In other words, you can be one of those people who didn't enjoy that earlier movie at all and still find yourself laughing at this self-aware doofus-fest.

Is It Racist? It's a long way from Mickey Rooney as the comic-relief Japanese man in Breakfast at Tiffany's, or even Rooney in blackface in one of those old musicals he did with Judy Garland way back in the day. But yeah, it's a white dude playing Mexican, and you can be offended by that if you want. Just know that in real terms, it's respectful and doesn't play as racist at all.

How Much Authentic Luchador Stuff? The supporting cast is full of real wrestlers, none of whom I recognized. But they weren't wearing their masks, either, so who would?

Warning: See this movie now and enjoy yourself, before all the jerks start quoting it and buying the T-shirts (which are already on sale at Hot Topic, by the way) and making you hate that it even exists. Kind of like Napoleon Dynamite.


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