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… doesn't feel tired.

Who's In It: Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, Anna Faris, Eddie Izzard, Rainn Wilson

The Basics: Uma is the Super Ex, and she's upset that Luke didn't like-like her the way she liked him. That's because he like-likes Anna. Who only likes him as a friend. Then Uma gets upset and goes ballistic. It sounds dumb, I know. But weirdly enough, it's not.

What's the Deal? Spoofs are never spoofy enough. Usually because they take swipes at obvious stuff that's already been poked and prodded and ground into dust a million times before. And it's easy to mock the superhero thing. But outside of Superman II or a Kevin Smith movie, when do the sex lives of superheroes get attention? That's why this one doesn't feel tired.

What's Wrong With It: On one level, it's actually about the straight male terror of women's sexual desire and, as usual, it's treated like a threat. She's out of her mind with need, and so he has to get away. It's Fatal Attraction but with jokes.

What's Right About What's Wrong With It: She throws a shark through his window. If there's going to be sexism on the script level, then that's the least her character deserves.

What's Wrong About What's Right About What's Wrong With It: Check out Luke's New York apartment. It makes the Friends apartment look like the orphanage in Oliver!. I have friends who live in New York, and they all have to live out in Brooklyn where the rent is still manageable if you have three roommates and a trust fund. I'd like to smash his place up too, just on principle.


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