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… a gays-and-their-friends-only thing.

Who's in It: Daniel Letterle, Diego Serrano, Meredith Baxter, David Monahan

The Basics: Movies like this are like Madea's Family Reunion, but for gay people. If you're not the target demo, you may sit there scratching your head. It's a comic-strip adaptation about a cute-and-he-knows-it guy who sabotages all his relationships in the most ridiculous ways possible. It's funny and weird, but it's pretty much a gays-and-their-friends-only thing.

What's the Deal? Here's why most gay comedies fail in the same way that religious-themed movies always fail: They present real life as a set of clearly understandable falsehoods that the target audience loves to believe are true. For example, I saw this Mormon movie once called God's Army, in which belief in Mormonism cured a character who couldn't walk. And the movie presented this as a perfectly ordinary occurrence. Gay movies are like that mostly, too, except they present the culture as one endless cocktail party of dull, pretty white men with cash and billboard-sized pectorals whining about their love lives.

Why This One Works: This guy's got a fag-hag mom who talks dirty and two older gay friends called "The Hat Sisters" who wear matching dresses and hats 24/7 — just two examples of its ability to revel in the absurd and present an unserious, cliché-mocking, heightened version of the world. In the actual comic, Ethan has a talking cat. It would have been cool to have an R-rated Garfield here — and it would have worked, too — but no one asked me.

One of My Personally Favorite Things: Lead characters who are completely unlikable fly right in the face of what most filmmakers think the audience wants. But I'll take that any day over a blandly nice character written for Jennifer Aniston. Meanwhile, this pain-in-the-neck, shallow, self-absorbed lead looks more and more like a real human being all the time.


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