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Moonlight Review

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… great cinematography …

Who's in It: Laurien Van den Broeck, Hunter Bussemaker, Andrew Howard

The Basics: In this English-language Dutch film, teenage Afghan drug-mule boy meets privileged, yet neglected girl. Sparks, bullets, feces and blood all fly as they flee a drug-world assassin.

What's the Deal? 2006 is turning into the unofficial year of living dangerously for children. From Running Scared to The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things to the little-seen indie film On the Outs to Madea's Family Reunion, it's a nonstop parade of kids in serious trouble at the movies. You have to be tough enough to deal with it if you're going to sit down and watch this one, because it gets more and more narratively unpleasant as it moves toward its finale.

Pedigree: Director Paula van der Oest made the Oscar-nominated Zus & Zo.

See It For: The great cinematography and for Van den Broeck's tough-minded performance. She's definitely one to watch, even if seeing young teenagers involved in seriously adult activities in movies kind of freaks you out. Maybe kids in Europe are different, who knows.

Skip It If: You're not a fan of stilted English dialogue from people who would normally speak other languages.


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