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… Zellweger seems uncomfortable …

Who's in It: Renée Zellweger, Ewan McGregor, Emily Watson

The Basics: Bunnies! She's created a world of adorable, moralizing bunnies! Bunnies she draws and talks to! And they scamper about on her page as she creates them. But she's not crazy. Much. She's Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit and — did you know? — environmentalism fame, the Bridget Jones of Back-in-the-Day who, according to Zellweger, was all weirdo apple-cheek smiles-and-squints and high-neck blouses and poignant struggles with love. Amassing real estate helped her soothe all that though. Just like it does for everyone.

What's the Deal? You know what's dumb? Movies that don't trust you to deal with complicated human being-ish life. Everything has to be reduced to easily understandable stuff. She had a somewhat unhappy childhood, therefore this is why she's a little off-kilter now. But then love happens! And it saves her! Also the bunnies! Bunnies, did I mention, that she talks to? And they respond? That's kind of my favorite part, really. All you'd need is to replace the sweet score with some creepier music, and it would be a movie about a sad, emotionally-unbalanced person instead of a seen-it-before feminist empowerment story.

Maybe It's the Binding Outfits: Zellweger seems uncomfortable through this whole movie. Like someone put a rock in her shoe. Maybe it was a prank played on her by a spiteful crew member. I've heard about that sort of thing happening. Like a grip or a gaffer or someone spitting in a mean star's food. And worse. I'd love to name names, but I want to keep this job.

Good Stuff — What and Who: McGregor. When is he not kind of awesome? He makes you happy just to watch him be happy, falling in love with Renée, really acting like he cares about the bunnies so he can get to first base. It's sweet.

Who'll Like This Movie: Old people, Victoriana-fans, furries, McGregor groupies (and, yes, he keeps it in his pants in this movie, just so you know; this one is a family film).


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