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More minor than mega.

Who's In It: The voices of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, Brad Pitt

The Basics: MegaMind and Metro Man arrived on Earth as babies at the same time. Metro Man is adopted by a nice family and MegaMind's spacepod lands in a maximum security penitentiary. Naturally this influences their perceptions of right and wrong. As grown-ups they battle regularly and Metro Man always wins, keeping Metro City safe from MegaMind's plans for domination. But when Metro Man decides to fake his own death and go into seclusion, it becomes MegaMind's duty to fight an even less conscientious villain for control of Metro City. And that villain is... Jonah Hill. But supersized. Yes, it's weird.

What's The Deal: I've said it before but it counts here too: empty laughs are still laughs. And this is a harmless animated movie that's full of empty laughs. The main problem with all those empty laughs is that they arrive wrapped in a package you've seen before, probably even if you're still a kid. The Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network isn't the only source for cliché Supermannish balloons being popped by smartypants screenwriters; that tone has saturated most children's animated TV programming, too. It's no longer the alternative to the norm, it is the norm. But again, still funny. Just don't expect to remember it lovingly--or for very long--when it's over.

Not As Good As: Despicable Me, this year's other animated feature about a bad man who changes his tune. What makes that other movie stronger is its firm commitment to being something more than just a safe pop satire about superheroes. Its villain is more inherently unpleasant and its comedy is based in a darker, less adorable world view, one where the "despicable" protagonist learns to access his heart without sacrificing his disdain for all things soft and cute. By contrast, MegaMind rolls over like a puppy the minute he thinks he might make Tina Fey's news anchor his girlfriend. You just don't buy him as "Bad to the Bone" (one of the many annoying music cues).

Weirdest Character Design: Hill's local news cameraman-turned-enormous-evildoer. And what's strange is how they decided to make his character look just like Jonah Hill. No one else in the movie gets to be a cartoon version of themselves, not even Tina Fey. It feels like an arbitrary in-joke move and only succeeds in taking you out of the movie's already borrowed universe.

Featuring This Year's "We Don't Really Have An Ending" Trend In Endings: The usual all's-well-that-end's-well finale is marked by MegaMind spontaneously breaking into a little disco dance in lieu of an actual narrative wrap-up. And that's it. Everyone just starts dancing. It brings back bad memories of Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter dementedly and confusingly busting a move at the end of Alice in Wonderland.


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Eloarei - 11-15-2010 12:50 PM
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While I haven't seen Despicable Me to compare it to, I think it's a little unfair to say MegaMind is 'not as good' simply because his character rolls over like a puppy. That's not a flaw in the movie, that's how it was supposed to be. Anyone who thinks MegaMind was truly evil or anything other than a giant fluff-ball probably wasn't paying attention. His adorable-ness was the whole point, wasn't it? The movie was hardly about him being a super-villain, it was about him falling in love and realizing 'good' was more rewarding than 'evil'. Although I have to agree completely with the weirdness of the dance scene. Still, I liked the rest of the movie enough to forget about that part.

Dulce - 11-20-2010 4:37 PM
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I went to see Despicable Me with my 8 year old son twice...he loved it, and I think it was very funny. Now, Megamind, we had seen 4 time! the movie is HILLARIOUS!!!!...any one who thinks other wise, I would question his/her sense of humor??? but what I like the most about it, and the main reason I keep going to watch it with my son, is because of the message it has...Destiny is not matter of chance, but choice!, also is good for kids to know that you dont have to be popular and good looking, as long as you are smart and use it for good cause you can get anything you want...no just the girl!

Star fire - 11-25-2010 8:12 AM
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Dave this movie is brilliant, you may want to watch it again, just in case you missed out on the clever jokes... The kind of movie to LOL the entire time, also, what`s so wrong about falling in love and rolling over like a dog?, after all isn't that what we all deep down long for? The guys want a supper hot girl who will out smart them, who every one want to be with and who will bend them down to theirs knees... The girls dream of a smart, intellectual guy who is very smooth, funny, and untamed...every girl deep down want to change that "bad boy" and have him eating out of her hands!...trust me, if any one tell you other wise, well, that kind of feeling are part of our deepest secrets, no every one is willing to share!

Gay Farace-Mann - 4-08-2011 5:15 PM
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Dave: I finally saw Megamind and really enjoyed it. My husband and I don't like most of Will Farrell's material but we both sat and watched this film from beginning to end and enjoyed the voice work between Farrell, Fey, Cross and Hill. In a depressed economy where people are losing their jobs, fun light hearted movies that are just plain fun to watch can temporary releave the pain.

Chloe - 7-24-2012 11:04 PM
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I saw this movie 2 years ago in theaters, and afterwards, I was like, "This movie sucked." Megamind's head weirded me out and his jokes were too dry. Roxanne was the best part. Any character voiced by Tina Fey is funny. Tighten was too much of a stupid idiot villain. It's Jonah Hill, what do you expect?!?! And Brad Pitt himself was weird. Especially when he became "Music Man".

Crooks - 7-09-2017 9:46 PM
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I think Dave here confused watching movies with reviewing them.

Grayson Strack - 1-04-2018 1:44 PM
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You sir, are a fool. You are obviously a tasteless fraud as shown by your weak beard. Megamind is the single greatest piece of media in the history of mankind. It dwarfs the Mona Lisa in artistic depth and puts The Godfather's storyline to shame. This movie assembles the most talented cast ever put on film. From Jonah Hill to Tina Fey it pleasures me to my core. I demand a re-review of this gracefully elegant and incredibly humorous film and i will not rest until you do this or your career is over.

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