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This just in: stalking is now adorable.

Who's In It: Jennifer Aniston, Steve Zahn, Woody Harrelson, Margo Martindale, Fred Ward

The Basics: She works for the people who put crappy landscape art in motel rooms. He works as a maintenance guy at his parent's motel. They meet, he brings her bad wine, he asks if he can touch her butt. She lets him touch her butt. Later she does it with him in the motel laundry room. He, in turn, stalks her across the country until she falls in love with him. In other words, this is to real life adult relationships what Jackass is to stunt work. It looks pretty awesome from a theater seat but it's not something you want to try at home.

What's The Deal: I like any movie that attempts to approximate the real world and move the location of romantic comedy from the upwardly mobile and urban to the working class and somewhat less cosmopolitan. But it'd be nice if it didn't end there. Because if you're still going to ask your audience to root for your characters then it'd be great if they didn't seem like emotionally stunted people who barely know each other, or if they maybe had at least one good reason to fall in love, or if their proximity didn't hinge on highly specific coincidences like, oh say, Steve Zahn accidently skydiving into Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend's swimming pool. That happens, by the way. And not one person says, "Wow, what are the odds?"

Most Over-Worked Moment: When Zahn serenades Aniston with the '70s pop hit "Feel Like Makin' Love" while standing outside her window with a homemade one-man-band contraption. I rightly blame Say Anything.

Almost Worth Watching On Cable Someday For: The scene of Jennifer Aniston, bent over a desk and assuming a spank-me pose, allowing Steve Zahn's loserly motel worker guy to put his hand softly on her butt. Then they talk about it so much that it becomes as mundane an incident as doing the dishes.

Definitely Worth Watching On Cable Someday For: Margo Martindale. You might not know her name but you probably know her face. She plays Steve Zahn's sick mom and she's capable of taking even a seriously mediocre movie like this and making you care about everything that goes on around her during her moments on screen. Further viewing: the final, make-you-cry segment of Paris Je T'aime where she plays a lonely postal worker on holiday.


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