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… it deserves to be hated.

Who's in It: Robin Williams, Laura Linney, Lewis Black, Jeff Goldblum, Christopher Walken

The Basics: Welcome, friends, to the worst major studio release of 2006. It's 50 percent comedy (hey, what would happen if Jon Stewart, the not-funny version of him, decided to run for president?), 50 percent political thriller (hey, what would happen if those voting discrepancies in Florida in 2000 were a movie with Robin Williams?), and zero percent a coherent or amusing or thrilling or sense-having movie.

What's the Deal? It's hard to know where to start hating this movie in a way that will communicate how much it deserves to be hated. It's a corporate comedy product that wishes it had some teeth so it could bite into something. But it's so determined not to be "partisan" and offend anyone that it has no point of view at all, no idea what it's even supposed to be, besides a sort of weird, weakling call for Ethical Behavior in Politics.

All the Characters Are Dumb, Too: Linney is such a super-genius in this movie that with a few taps on her keyboard, she figures out that her company's computerized voting system is "glitched." Then she just goes to President Robin and says, "Hey, guess what? You're not really president." His response is, "Wow, then it must be true." And you sit there trying to figure out what planet these jerks live on, and whether you might have missed something that would explain their behavior. But you haven't.

Who's Also Not Funny: Lewis Black from The Daily Show plays one of Williams' cronies. He has a couple of funny lines, but mostly he has to sit there and tell Williams how brilliant he is. Then Tina Fey and Amy Poehler show up to be not funny, also. You can tell they want to be. Was there a masked gunman just out of camera range demanding that they be boring so as not to make Williams look bad?

Your Dilemma = You Love Robin Williams: The solution? Go watch Good Will Hunting again. Anything but this.


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