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… not funny or wise.

Who's in It: Edward Burns, David Krumholtz, Rachel Dratch, Chris Parnell, Shari Albert, Connie Britton, Max Baker

The Basics: Wow, it's the second Edward Burns movie in one year. And what's that? You say it's about East Coast Irish everyguys and their mundane, everyguy problems? What have I done to deserve this?

What's the Deal? On the shelf since 2004, this one is about a coach (Krumholtz) whose wife runs away with a rock star. The coach hires private investigator Burns to trail her. They talk a lot about life and love, and it's not funny or wise. That's because Burns' movies are never funny or wise. But he keeps making them. And making them. And making them.

Who's Funny on the Side: Dratch as a tourist who hits on Krumholtz. Then the script puts a line in her mouth that mocks middlebrow Broadway shows such as The Lion King. I think I'd rather go see that. At least the costumes are cooler.

Who's Good in Spite of It All: Krumholtz as the coach. He's got that "hey, big guy" thing down. And the mustache. You need the mustache.

Coming Soon: More Guys Sitting Around Drinking Beer and Bonding: C'mon man, you might as well whip out that digital camera and make another one before the holidays. In fact, make it a Christmas-themed one, because then it'll show on cable every year at the same time and you'll just sit back and cash the check.


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