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  • 83

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    Entertainment WeeklyOwen Gleiberman

    An alienated-teen movie that surfs along on the whims and casual cruelties of its central character runs a risk: It can wind up as random and undisciplined as she is. Instead, Little Birds is a touching and distinctive achievement.

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  • 50

    out of 100

    Los Angeles TimesBetsy Sharkey

    Breathtaking moments give way to boring ones; searing emotions vie with the exceedingly bland.

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  • 40

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    Village VoiceMichael Atkinson

    The dialogue is as stock as the characters, and James's visual palette never surpasses the adequate.

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  • 30

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    The New York TimesA.O. Scott

    I don't think Mr. James intended to make a creepy, exploitative movie about teenage runaways - or, for that matter, a moralistic, cautionary tale of girls gone bad. But those are the default categories that Little Birds stumbles toward, perhaps because the filmmaker has not found a cogent way to channel his curiosity or his empathy.

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