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… an otherwise non-blue crapfest.

Who's in It: Robin Williams, Mandy Moore, John Krasinski

The Basics: Sometimes I wonder what really goes on in the offices of studio executives. Do the besuited ones really enthusiastically rally around a movie like this one and go, "YEAH! SLAM DUNK!" when they see that the entire plot can be reduced to an image on a poster (soon-to-be-married couple pouting and flanking a check-me-out-I'm-the-wacky-reverend Williams)? Do they just forget everything else and start imagining themselves rolling around naked on piles of cash? Because I just can't think of what else could be going through their minds.

What's the Deal? Let's say that you hate it when Williams goes off and does weird, serious movies like One Hour Photo, and you'd simply prefer him to run around like a coked-up chimp doing the same televangelist/faith-healer routine he's so successfully strip-mined for the past three decades. Then this movie is going to make you SO HAPPY YOU WILL EXPLODE FROM THE ALL THE SUPERMIRTH.

What Else? Oh, yeah, he also does that thing where he throws out a bunch of contemporary pop-culture references and "riffs" on them. And by "contemporary," I mean five-year-old Viagra jokes. It's like having a person in the room who tells a joke, and if every single other person present doesn't laugh, he tells the joke again and again. Because obviously you didn't hear it the first time, or you'd have cracked up and wet yourself.

What About Moore and Krasinski? I Like Them. That Mandy Is So Sweet and Appealing. And John Is So Funny on The Office. What About Them? They appear in the film as a seemingly well-adjusted couple whose brains magically leak out of their heads the second Williams comes into the same room with them. Do not question this, or you'll ruin everyone's good time.

Best Part: In fact, I almost don't want to tell you about this part, because it's so insane that it might make you actually want to pay money to see it. But here it is: Moore and Krasinski are given two fake robot babies to take care of, and the robot babies make crazy blue fake poop shoot out of their mechanical anuses. And you see this in giant close-up. It's kind of amazing. TiVo it when it's on cable someday, and check it out, because it's like this moment of pure deranged gold in an otherwise non-blue crapfest.


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