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… Not Very Funny stuff …

Who's in It: Dax Shepard, Will Arnett, Chi McBride, David Koechner, Dylan Baker

The Basics: Lifelong criminal Shepard frames Arrested Development's Arnett and gets him sent to prison as revenge for his late judge father's strict sentencing policies. That's when the Not Very Funny stuff starts up. And it keeps happening, all the way until the Not Very Funny end.

What's the Deal? There are levels of bad comedy, like terror alerts. Some, like the cruddy For Your Consideration, are painful to watch and you worry that a part of your soul might corrode and die while you're looking at it. Then there are bad comedies like this one, that occasionally make you laugh. If you're unlucky enough to buy a ticket to it then, yeah, you've not gotten your comedy dollars' worth. But that's why there's cable. A year from now, you can sit on the couch and half-watch this while you're paying bills or something.

The Parts That Are Funny: They both involve the old Technotronic song "Move This." That this song was also a recent punch line on the Cartoon Network's The Venture Bros. is most likely a coincidence. But they got to it first.

Number of Prison-Rape Gags: About a dozen. That's fewer than I expected.

Impress Your Friends With Your Knowledge of Modern Art: Arnett makes a joke about British painter Lucien Freud. How this made it past test audiences is a mystery. Unless they were so ashamed of this movie that they didn't show it to test audiences.


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