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… not nearly as frightening as The 11th Hour.

Who's in It: Ron Perlman, James LeGros, Connie Britton, Kevin Corrigan, Jamie Harrold, Pato Hoffmann, Zach Gilford

The Basics: So what you got here are some ghosts of giant deer monsters called wendigos, and they live in the Arctic ice. Then comes global warming and a mysterious white cube in the middle of the barren tundra. Oil-company folks, who want to drill there and destroy the land even more than they already have, get in the way of the ghostly monsters and then freezy supernatural justice sleets down on them all, one by one.

What's the Deal? I guess the point is that we should go solar. But if it's an environmental message you want, this has a ways to go before it's nearly as frightening to watch as The 11th Hour. I'd sooner deal with a deer-monster-ghost-thing made of air than I would with actual environmental catastrophe and human extinction.

Death Logic: Warning: This part of the review is full of spoilers. Skip it if you care. As you watch this movie, you come to realize that these are very cuteness-oriented spirits the earth-destroying humans have riled, because the castmembers seem to be killed off, more or less, in sort of reverse order of physical attractiveness. Hottest people (who also happen to be the most emotionally sympathetic characters here) are the first to die. I like that in a scary movie. It defies convention. Not that that makes the movie any more actually scary. But it's a cool rethinking of formula.

Who's Fun to Watch: Perlman is kind of hilarious here as the mean oil company boss man who yells at everyone from beginning to end. It's as if the director were standing just off camera with a cue card in his line of sight that read: "Be louder! Act angrier! Grrr!"

Who'll Want to See It: Fans of bleak, frozen landscape cinematography (seemingly shot mostly in Iceland).


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