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Kind of a routine expedition.

Who's In It: Will Ferrell, Anna Friel, Danny McBride

The Basics: Star Trek already stole the whole "This is not your father's blah-blah" for their marketing campaign or this movie would have been free to do the same. The premise--three people lost in a parallel prehistoric world where dinosaurs, monkey-people and giant killer lizardmen with access to time-travel-making, Daft Punk-style, crystal pylon space elevators run around and do stupid stuff. But then they throw in a lot of sex and drug jokes and one carefully placed PG-13 F-bomb and you think, "I don't remember all this being in the original show."

What's The Deal: Once you realize you're not meant to care about anything going on, once you get that it's simply going for 1990s-ish irony, and once you get past the first 30 minutes where it's just really clunky and slow and not nearly as funny as you'd hope, then the gags start to pick up, everything goes not-quite-full-speed demented and way too grown-up for most young kids and you settle back and let it be what it wants to be: a mostly funny bowl of Dumb with the nutritional equivalent of all those giant bowls of Froot Loops you ate while watching cartoons back in the day.

Who's Given A Lot of Nothing To Do: Anna Friel. But you probably won't care unless you're a fan of the unjustly cancelled Pushing Daisies and you know that she's pretty great when given half the chance. Here all she gets to do is be The Girl Scientist and fall in sudden love--HUH?--with Will Ferrell.

Who Makes It Worth Seeing: Danny McBride, like Zach Galifianakis in this week's release The Hangover, seems to have been given free reign to do whatever he wanted. That means he's always pushing-the-edge funny even when the movie doesn't deserve him. And Matt Lauer's two scenes that bookend the film are hilarious icing. Now it's a battle for wacky pop-culture supremacy between him and current Autotune the News star Katie Couric

How You Know It's For People Over 40 Even Without The "Let's Get Chaka High" Drug Sequence: There's a running gag having to do with a song from A Chorus Line. In fact, that sort of makes it for gay Broadway fans over 40.


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