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… so thick with sex that it almost smells funny.

Who's in It: Marina Hands, Jean-Louis Coullo'ch, Hippolyte Girardot, Hélène Fillières

The Basics: That naughty little minx Lady Chatterley can't stop metaphorically invoking class warfare by constantly humping the brutish, working-class gamekeeper she employs. And the more they do it, the naked-er they get and the more social rules they break. Scandale!

What's the Deal? While somewhat long and dull, it's so thick with sex that it almost smells funny. It even looks grimy at times, with flies buzzing all around, people getting their hair all messed up from sex on the floor of a dirty tool shed and lots of sweaty heaving.

How Naked Do They Get? All the way. And if you're shy about male junk in close-up, then maybe you should stay home and rent Pride and Prejudice instead.

Who's Great: Hands as the title sexcapade-ress. She's got one of those faces that looks determined and resigned at the same time, and she wears every awkward moment like a corset.

Background: Won tons of awards in its native France and was chopped down from about 220 minutes to a more manageable 170 for American theatrical release. So, think three hours of Merchant Ivory-ness with lots more frontal nudity.


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