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… just gets crazier and crazier …

Who's in It: Benoit Magimel, Laura Smet, Aurore Clement, Bernard Le Coq, Solene Bouton, Anna Mihalcea

The Basics: Love at first sight is almost always a bad idea, as a young French bathroom-fixtures salesman finds out when he falls for his sister's bridesmaid. When the new girlfriend puts his love to the test with some fairly extreme demands, he says he's down for whatever but then retreats to the comforts of a stone bust — as in made of real stone — he thinks he'd rather make out with instead. Got that?

What's the Deal? You have to hand it to old French directors like Claude Chabrol. They don't give a damn about making sure you like any of the people in their movies. They're more concerned with making something you can't stop watching. And when this one starts weird and just gets crazier and crazier, the more hooked you are, even if in real life you'd run screaming from almost everyone in it. Or at least back away slowly.

Best Part: When Miss Crazy-in-the-Head Girlfriend says, "They say that to prove your love, you must plant a tree, write a poem, make love to your own sex and commit murder." Boyfriend thinks about this for a while, says he'd be OK with the tree and the poem bit, maybe even with the murder part. But sex with a guy? No way, man.

Pedigree: Chabrol made stuff such as 1968's Les Biches, 1988's Story of Women and 1995's La Ceremonie. He's a name you ought to know.

More Than Just Crazy: It's about the way families behave so strangely, how mama's boys end up more than a little messed up and how women seem to get the short end of the happiness stick.


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