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Go without it.

Who's In It: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker, Nick Swardson, Nicole Kidman, Dave Matthews

The Basics: Danny (Adam Sandler) is a soft-hearted plastic surgeon who has come to rely on a very dishonest way of scoring with women: he tells them he is in a horrible, sometimes-abusive, loveless marriage, turning himself into a tragic figure that is somehow super attractive to women he meets in bars. These Rhodes scholars then sleep with him and he has an excuse to never call them again. The whole thing backfires on him when he meets an impossibly gorgeous woman that he really likes (Brooklyn Decker) and she finds his "wedding band" in his pocket. He thinks fast, which apparently isn't his strong suit, and tells her he's divorcing his wife. Of course she wants to hear it straight from the horse's mouth, which brings his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) into the mix. He asks her to become his fake wife, and the lie snowballs until they all end up in Hawaii performing CPR on sheep.</P.

What's The Deal: Please don't see this movie. Don't encourage anyone involved in the making of this film to ever attempt it again. It's a remake of Cactus Flower, starring Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman, and Goldie Hawn, who won an Oscar for her role. Let me assure you that no one in this film will be in danger of accepting that gold statue for anything related to this film. If one of the producers of this film thought the original "needed updating" then it paints a very bleak picture of our society today--It's just a bunch of jerks running around being classless, unfunny and treating domestic workers poorly. Even picturesque Hawaii couldn't make this film worth looking at.

Is There A Doctor In The House? I went into this film excited for a lighthearted, fun flick that I didn't have to think about. I know this formula and am not opposed to it: I wanted some laughs, some warm fuzzies and for 2 people to kiss at the end. But every scene started according to formula and then quickly devolved into poorly-regurgitated tripe. I equate the experience to being hauled up to the apex of a rollercoaster and then plunging down too far too fast and blacking out. Over and over again, for two solid hours. This movie actually hurt my feelings.

So Why A Half A Star? Griffin Gluck plays Aniston's son Michael, and he is interesting to watch. He talks about the family's mailman, dolphins, and his absentee daddy, and I was totally on board. I can't wait for him to hit adolescence to see if he goes all Haley Joel on us. And the other reason is a spoiler: Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews popped up in this film, and once I convinced myself I wasn't having an aneurysm, they made me laugh. Of course that was ruined by the film's typical and joyless take on everything, including their relationship, so I still cried myself to sleep last night over my lost time.


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Mike - 2-11-2011 9:12 PM
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That's cause a lot of movies do suck. Did you think this was a good movie?

Me - 2-11-2011 10:28 PM
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Thank you for the heads up. Why does Hollywood give us crappy movies for every month of the year except 2 weeks in July and December? I like to watch movies. I like "going to the movies". This kind of straight-to-DVD drivel is insulting, and par for the time of year.

Knightsbud - 2-11-2011 10:47 PM
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Todd, couldn't agree with you more, I wonder just where the critics come from, under a rock? This movie was cute and the little girl will someday be a great actor. Better than what these wanta be critics gave it, I wonder if they even went into the theater.

christy - 2-12-2011 3:00 PM
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Remember when romantic comedies were actually good? I miss when Hollywood put an effort into their it's all about product placement, fart jokes, and boobs. And unfortunately, enough people are willing to spend their hard-earned money on this crap for it to continue to be made.

karnii - 2-12-2011 7:50 PM
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this movie was freaking hilarious, and I don't even usually like these movies

Michelle - 2-12-2011 10:37 PM
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To me the movie was very good. It was cute,funny and kind of natural and spontaneous. I am not an expert to review movies but if I enjoyed it then is a good movie. I think that Jennifer and Adam are great!!! Sometimes critics are to hard and that is why I don't go by them. If I like the actors and the previews call my attention, then I will go and see it. If you want to have a good time, see the movie!

Susan S - 2-13-2011 12:21 AM
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Boo on the critics. I'm not simple minded and like a lot of films but this one delivered what it was supposed to. The bodies were gorgeous, the laughs genuine and the chemistry between Aniston and Sandler had me leaving the theater wondering, just wondering if he is single....maybe a little flame between them???

UnckleBob(with a k) - 2-13-2011 5:03 PM
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Could these two please give an accent ,grow a mustache(either of them on that one),I am so tired of Both of these actors,throw in the dude from the green hornet and there you have it,three actors that should just take a break,Sandler is rolling out movie after movie that takes him and some of his buds on a nice vacation and we pay the bill,thank s to the kid for some real acting.If I sound horrible and you want to punch me,you would have had to knock me out at the movies.'m almost 50 and never heard a Bieber song but at least he gives us a performance.And soon we will all come to our senses and stop paying to witness droll.Save your money,I wish I had

Mrs. M - 2-14-2011 12:12 PM
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I loved this movie and I laughed a the way thru it..the little girl and boy were funny too....loved it!!

Bull - 2-14-2011 5:12 PM
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This movie was made for fat losers and poor people.

Sunnysideup - 2-16-2011 10:15 PM
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These two critics make me gag! They form crappy opinions based, perhaps, on their own crappy personal lives and we're supposed to believe them? This movie is hilarious! It made me laugh and forget the terrible economy and my stressful job. Just go with it!

Brian - 2-17-2011 1:30 PM
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@ sunnysideup - just because it's a "feel good" movie doesn't mean it's good. You simply can't understand why critics gives movies you love such bad reviews. Face it, you have a horrendous taste in film and are intellectually inferior to people who thought this movie sucked.

Sean Shackelford - 2-18-2011 11:12 AM
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Mother Mary! You numbskulls think this review is biased? Of course it's biased! There's no such thing as an unbiased movie review, as long as a human is writing it! There's no magic grading scale that all critics go by to judge whether a movie is good or not. And I'm glad both Dave and Grae didn't like it. This movie deserves to be hated.

lola anison - 4-03-2011 3:13 PM
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Grae Drake, u r a ****em loder!!!!!! I loved this movie.......u just can`t take a joke!!!!!! todd at knightsbud are right!!!!! btw, gnomeo and juliet was a 5 star to me...not 3!!! u r a nigaaa!! i wish u were a little black girl and was in japan.....that means u would be dead!!! Love, lola anison:)

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